Choose Vixit to Create your Website in Lugano

Vixit is the reliable partner to create your company’s website. Our development team is able to follow all your internet visibility needs.

A tailored website is a paramount importance today, for a fruitful appearing on Internet.

Covid-19 pandemic challenge is an inevitable evolution of services. The new needs are online sales platforms, e-commerce, social network; the development of solutions to manage telematic education, online courses and e-Learning is more and more essential.

Our Team

Choose Vixit to Create your Website in Lugano

Above all, Vixit boasts a vast and organic preparation, we don’t just create your company’s website.

Web development requires from professionals great knowledge of coding, UX, web design and many more skills.

In Vixit we provide graphic designer and photographer who will be able to create the photo shoot for you at your premises.

For indoor and outdoor shots, and for any products to be included in the e-Commerce, but also to make promotional videos.

In the Vixit team are also available programmer for development of specific and/or customized platforms for every needs.

Copywriters and SEO experts are necessary to propose and manage editorial plans, for the best diffusion of your content on internet.

Finally, marketing management with targeted advertising campaigns and the creation of promotional videos.

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How to Proceed

If your idea of website structure is mature and you want a free quote, don’t wait any longer.

Firstly, you’ll get a clear vision of timing and costs that will be faced to carry out your project.

An efficient webhosting is necessary for website development, the best prices are available for all needs.

Contact us and we will provide all the information on how to proceed and we will evaluate together with you the most suitable budget to achieve your goal.