Smart Working SolutionsEnable Corporate Smart Working

Enabling Corporate Smart Working as an effective method to face the spread of Covid-19. It consists of a collection of technological solutions designed to allow teleworking directly from home.

Not a single technology but a set of multiple customized systems for every need. Acually not all office jobs are the same and not all tasks can be performed through the ‘smart working’.

CRM/ERP in Cloud

The management software, such as CRM/ERP, is the main weak point. Most entrerprises don’t have a management software in the cloud or a cloud communication system such as SuiteX. Therefore it’s necessary to evaluate a remote access system to grant remote access to certain users who will work from home.

Considering also the security aspects, the corporate firewall must be configured to allow access only from specific IP addresses.

Virtual Switchboard and VoIP

The reception of incoming calls is the second weak point. Many companies have no idea what means to manage phone traffic autonomously via VoIP and Virtual Switchboards. Almost all companies are still tied to traditional phone carriers. Virtual switchboards allow enormous cost savings and guarantee extremely high security standards.

The enterprise can enable an employee to receive business calls at his home, by setting a voice circuit in Cloud. 3CX Virtual Switchboard will be managed by the enterprise and will easily route traffic to a phone or smartphone, wherever it is, using the internet connection.

Meeting and Conference Call

Last but not least, the concern is the visual contact between employees, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, the human contact must be avoided during these time. Video conferencing helps the employees to communicate and coordinate with each other, video conferencing can increase the productivity through active interaction between users.

Vixit provides corporate video conference rooms, where employees and/or board members can virtually meet to discuss and face each other, even if they are miles away.

The evaluation version of Virtual PBX VoIP in cloud with a trial of 7 days, is available with all the features of the full version.

Get in touch with Vixit to configure the most targeted Smart Working solution for your business needs.