CryptoStorage 50Gb Encrypted Archive on Swiss Datacenter



CryptoStorage 50Gb Encrypted Archive in Swiss Datacenter

CSS-050 CryptoStorage of 50Gb encrypted archive, a cloud space on dedicated servers in a Swiss Datacenter, professional and confidentiality oriented solutions for the shared storage of files and documents.

CSS-050 CryptoStorage is designed for small offices, ideal for safely sharing up to 50Gb of space or to guarantee disaster recovery in the company.

Each file sent to the CryptoStorage is compressed, to reduce size, and encrypted with a secret code set by the customer, for total security.

In addition, FTP access to CryptoStorage is provided and each Client configured to be synchronized.

For more information on CryptoStorage visit the summary page.

Total disk space available 50 Gb
Free Trial period, for testing purposes 7 days
Protected Connection END-TO-END YES
Hardware and software files encryption YES
Automatic file compression YES
Hardware updating and maintenance and continuous updating YES
Hardware monitoring 24/7 YES
Dedicated support YES
Activation fees (free with annual subscription) 100.-
Client Configuration up to 3 Clients 200.-
Activation time 1 day