SuiteX Crypted Messaging 🔹 Basic 2

SuiteX Crypted Messaging 🔹 Basic 2

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SuiteX Crypted Messaging – Basic 2

SuiteX in the Basic 2 package offers encrypted messaging, a revolutionary cloud application that is part of an ecosystem of web applications aimed at discretion.

A solution to send and receive messages in total security and discretion, thanks to end-to-end encryption with algorithms designed by us.

The messages are saved and encrypted using our specific algorithm and made available only by inserting the correct encryption pin set by the user.

Thanks to the web interface it is also possible to access your information wherever you are, with any device and without necessarily having to install software, no data or information will be stored on the device.

For more information about SuiteX visit the respective information page.

Trial period: 30 days free
Crypted Password Management no
Crypted Notes Management no
Crypted Contacts Management no
Crypted Messenger yes
Daily Backup yes
Activation Time 3 days
Upgrade available without losing data yes