Virtual PBX VoIP in Cloud up to 100 Internal 📞 DC Europe

Virtual PBX VoIP in Cloud up to 100 Internal 📞 DC Europe



Virtual PBX VoIP in Cloud up to 100 Internal on European Datacenter

Virtual Voip PBX in Cloud to connect your office up to 100 phone extensions on servers in European DataCenters.

VOE-100 is the best solution for medium-sized companies, to connect the VoIP phones of your office to the cloud switchboard with significant savings, both on fees and in consumption compared to traditional telephone lines, up to a maximum of 12 active voice channels simultaneously.

The cloud PBX is hosted in our datacenters located in France or Germany, communications to and from the PBX are encrypted and protected, guaranteeing privacy and discretion.

Conversations, as well as messages and videoconferences, take place via encrypted channels, thus ensuring maximum confidentiality and reliability.

Upon express request, after a feasibility check by one of our technicians, it is also possible to install the On Premise switchboard, i.e. at the company

The cost indicated is to be understood as an annual fee, for more information about the Virtual Switchboards in the Cloud visit the information page.

Location Europe
Internal 100
Concurrent Voice Channels 12
Daily Backup yes
Automatic Crypting of messagges, call and videoconference yes
Hardware in Cloud yes
Hardware On Premise yes
Hardware Monitoring 24/7 yes
Trial Period 7 days
Activation Time 7 days
Activation Fee (one time) 1300.- Fr