Safely and confidential bitcoin trading

Safely and confidential bitcoin trading. In other words, how to trade bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in complete safety, especially while preserving all the typical Swiss discretionary features.

Cryptocurrency trading is spreading fast, as are all the services and accessories that orbit the crypto world.

Therefore, the needs of security and discretion also grow in parallel with the need to keep information away from prying eyes.

VIXIT has developed an ad hoc solution to meet these needs.

How to Trade Bitcoin in Safety and Discretion

eVault and Confidential Asset Management

eVault is a confidentiality-oriented solution, ideal for those who need to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, without leaving traces around.

It is a virtual platform, accessible remotely via an encrypted internet connection, which allows you to manage crypto wallets (wallets) and assets, execute purchase orders or send money safely.

All without having to keep any software or wallet or track on your devices (laptops, computers, smartphones, etc.).

What is VIXIT’s eVault service?

Essentially, eVault consists of a virtual machine, with an operating system, software and useful tools to manage crypto wallets.
You can choose the Operating System betweem Windows and Linx.
Operating System, software and tools are pre-installed and ready to be configured and used.

What are the advantages of virtual machines? Confidentiality and Flexibility!
Confidentiality: they can easily created, deleted and regenerated if necessary, without leaving any trace or any data.
Flexibility: they can be accessed remotely by smartphone, laptop, computers.

We can configure the wallets or leave the burden to you, advising you with a consultant on how to proceed.

I don’t know anything about trading, how can I do?

Are a novice but eager to learn? Take advantage of the VIXIT services, in a very easy way.

Our consultant will work with you remotely for as long as you deem useful.
You will acquire all the necessary knowledge to approach the crypto world safely.

Together we will assess your risk profile and provide you all the necessary knowledge to avoid scams, which are unfortunately also growing rapidly in this sector.

Will VIXIT be my financial advisor?

We provide our knowledge and the support services about all the technical aspects. We will never provide buy signals or buy proposals, we are not financial promoters.

Our consultants will convey all the useful information to avoid the typical errors of neophytes, which unfortunately sometimes turn out to be very expensive, due to the lack of knowledge of this technology.

You’ll find all the tools, and the knowledge you need to use them to the fullest.
Our consultants are at your disposal every time you need.

To learn more about VIXIT’s eVault service, I suggest you follow this page.