SuiteX 🔹 High Trust Communication and Confidential Tools


High Trust Communication and Confidential Platform for Personal and Enterprises

The Distributed Architecture of SuiteX Platform guarantees a secure communications, and offers new revolutionary means, to keep connected employees, businesses, customers, inside and outside the Organization, with total Privacy and Discretion.

A collection of very fundamental tools, to keep information, notes, password and messaging safe, protected from prying eyes.

SuiteX is the most versatile solution for improve enterprises productivity and personal planning: it works with all the OSs, all the devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets,…) and all the browsers. Internet connection is enough to access all the features.

SuiteX is a new revolutionary way to keep connected employees, businesses, customers
SuiteX 🔹 High Trust Communication and Confidential Tools

High Trust Platform in High Trust Infrastructure

  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION: On Premise / Private Cloud / Cloud

On-Premise / Private Cloud : SuiteX built to scale for High Trust Organizations, medium enterprises, Governments, Research Centers; ideal for individuals, small enterprise and departments with data security requirements.


SuiteX is totally compliant to Privacy Protection (GDPR in EU and SDPL in Switzerland). Virtual Private Cloud and Public Cloud installations are excluvively in Tier-IV Datacenters.


All the informations stored in the Platform are encrypted with our own high performance encryption algorithms.


Only registered users can access the SuiteX Platform and therefore any attempt to intrude from external or generic accounts is prevented.

Secure neural network and full control of own data

Data belong to the user, this is our DNA. For this reason, we invest a huge amount of our knowledge and technologies to ensure the safety of information. In SuiteX architecture, each installation is indipendent, but can be connected to other external Nodes. Exactly like the neural structure of the brain.

Safe and secure workspace, this is our Mission. We give people and business the power to build communities and bring the world closer together. SuiteX provide a secure environment for small to big companies and multiple organizations to work together.

Collaborate securely and privately, enterprise-wide. Protect data between people, processes and security systems. Leading enterprises work better with SuiteX by connecting people, tools, ideas and innovation, across tens of thousands of users.

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