Support for LPD GDPR & RDP Compliant

Support for LPD GDPR and RDP Compliant

Study and support for the company adaptation to the Swiss LDP and European GDPR regulations for the protection, management, treatment of data privacy.

The new regulations in the field of privacy, more precisely the GDPR, require considerable compliance by companies for the IT management of data, a complex situation that requires complex solutions.

Gestione e Adeguamento alle Normative GDPR
Adeguamento alle Normative GDPR

Data Protection and Privacy

Vixit proposes itself as a partner to support the adaptation of the GDPR regulations.

Gathering in its staff the best specialists in the sector, to cover every aspect, both technical and legal.

The corporate adaptation to the new GDPR regulations includes a whole series of steps, Vixit can follow you in each of them:

  • Identification of the data controller
  • Appointment of a person responsible for the treatment, the data processor
  • Definition of purposes and methods of treatment and storage of sensitive data
  • Analysis and assessment of the risks present
  • Implementation of a Disaster Recovery plan
  • Implementation of adequate structural safety systems
  • Supervision in the company for the maintenance and management of DPO incidents

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